Serious Sounds, Etc. was established in 1991 out of an expressed
desire to provide the local South Park residents in Houston with a retail
environment that catered to the African-American community of music
lovers, shoppers and buyers. After 30 years as a brick and mortar
store, we have transitioned to an online environment. We’re confident
Serious Sounds, Etc. will stay alive and thrive thanks to its extensive
knowledge of music, its supportive customer base and the meticulous
service offered as well as the selection of items stocked.

We offer a full array of music products including CD’s, Cassettes, Vinyl,
Custom Mix CD’S and Digital Downloads.  We also carry a variety of
Books, Oils & Fragrances for home use, scented Body Oils, Air Sprays & Sage bundles.

There’s also an assortment of t-shirts, Music & Vinyl related
Accessories, and occasionally when the opportunity arises and time
permits, we still throw concert/live music events, Artist Meet &
Greets and other really cool promotions.

The year 2021 marked our 30th Anniversary and as the only remaining
Black-owned record environement in Houston, TX. we will continue
to be a vital component and supplier for those individuals
seeking to purchase music goods and related services.  Serious
Sounds, Etc. — A REAL Record Store & MORE doing our part to keep the
history and legacy of Black Music Alive!

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT stock, sell, install or repair car stereos or
any other auto parts or car accessories.